Messages for peace

Project period:2018.7/15(SUN)~8/15(MON)

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We send your peace messages to Hiroshima on 8/6

"Messages for peace" was launched in 2015.
Our main members are the creators from Tokyo, in their 30's.
We will display your messages created online at the Hiroshima site on 8/6.

"Toro Nagashi" was initially started by the bereaved families and citizens who had experienced the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. They prayed for those who had been lost by floating handmade lanterns with names of those victims down a river. What can we learn from the bombing of Hiroshima? What messages can we convey to our next generation? Please share your ideas.

We will display your floating lanterns on the screen at the Hiroshima site on 8/6

How will your messages be sent to Hiroshima?


Send your message from our website

Through the project period, we will display your floating lanterns on our website “Messages for peace,” at our exhibition sites “Hiroshima「」– 3rd Generation Exhibition: Succeeding to History,” and the other associated facilities and websites.
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We will display your floating lanterns

We will also display your messages on the screens in our event booth at the Hiroshima site on 8/6.

Randomly selected messages will be made as real lantern.

Randomly selected messages will be made into real lanterns. These lanterns will be floated at the Motoyasu River on 8/6.

20 messages
will be randomly selected and made into real lanterns.

For those who create messages using our application between 7/15-7/30,
20 messages will be randomly selected and made into real lanterns for free.
These lanterns will be floated at the Motoyasu River on 8/6.
This is a volunteer activity for those people who will not be able to come to Hiroshima on the day of the Toro Nagashi.

Application period
:2018.7.15(SUN)~ 7.30(TUE)12:00

Application method
Create your own floating lantern by using our application and check the box “Apply this event.” The selected 20 messages will be announced on this website on 8/2.
Peace Porter Project

Thank you for your heartful message.
We will make the following 20 messages into real lanterns.

  • きなこ
  • 梨乃
  • けぇこりん
  • まい
  • たむくみ
  • okinawa
  • りん
  • ガシえもん
  • リキジン
    Don’t hesitate to speak up even if you think you are minority. Silence can be sin.
  • わたし
  • 四道
  • TK
    Continue to do what I can do for inner and outer peace. No more Hiroshima & No more Nagasaki
  • たかおみ
  • 瑠奈
  • nami
    i wish for smiles all over the world.
  • Toshi
  • Deborah
    So please know my heart is with you and all of those who pray for peace, even if my message could not go through. May Peace Prevail on Earth!Love always.
  • Jean Fallon
    Greetings to our Friends in Hiroshima. I have never forgotten you and pray/work for those survivors still living in Hiroshima and elsewhere!On the 5th, I will give testimony of you all, your efforts and your hopes of totally disarming ourselves of nuclear weapons.With love.
  • Guru Dileepji
    May the entire universe ever be filled with peace, joy, happiness, love, harmony, light and wisdom.
  • Chris
    Play for Peace

Messages for peace

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We are looking for facilities including companies,
cafes or shops to display the messages for peace created by using our application.

You can help us from anywhere if you have all the necessary equipment. Please see below for the detail and application process.

Application period
:7/1(SUN)~ 8/15(WED)
*As many days as possible

Application Method
Apply from the application form
1 PC with the internet access
2 screens to display messages (a projector, TV, monitor, PC or tablet)
*Applicants can use their smart phones to post messages.
Volunteer facilities
*CLiP HIROSHIMA:7/29 (SUN)-8/5 (SUN)10:00-18:00 *7/31(TUE) Closed
* "ITSU FES" Itsutsubashi Green Festival:Itsutsubashi Park(1 cho-me Itsutsubashi Aoba-ku Sendai City):8/9 (THU)-8/10 (FRI)17:00〜21:00
* 25th Annual Interfaith Peace Gathering(Judson Memorial Church):8/5(SUN) 17:30-
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About us

Host: Hiroshima「」– 3rd Generation Exhibition: Succeeding to History Executive Committee
Website creation:Students and OJT members of Digital Hollywood Studio Shibuya, Hollywood Studio Hiroshima,
Digital Hollywood Tokyo,St. Andrew’s University,
Movie : Satoshi Kohga (Trainer of Digital Hollywood Studio),
Music : Mami Kamata

Hiroshima- 3rd Generation Exhibition: Succeeding to History


Hiroshima - 3rd Generation Exhibition: Succeeding to History

Through this exhibition, we create a place where young people can learn about the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, with many booths and workshops where you can learn through creative activities. As you see「」in our exhibition title, we hope that this exhibition will help you find your own ways to contribute to peace.

※Hiroshima=The first city in history to be targeted by a nuclear weapon. A symbolic city of peace.

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